169 Best Questions To Ask Your Friends (With Answers)

You may already think you know your best friends pretty well. If so, try asking them some of our questions and you may just strengthen your friendship or relationship even more.

169 Best Questions To Ask Your Friends (With Answers)

A great question can spark hours of interesting conversation. Often it is questions you don't think about everyday that really get the mind working. We have assembled a great list of questions that should keep you going for hours!

What do you like least/what makes you nuts?

I'd say the thing I dislike most is being pulled in too many different directions at once. This has been something that has been a challenge for me along my entire career and this is one thing that keeps me grounded. It's difficult to say no to all of those creative opportunities, but it's just important not to get caught up in your own successes or failures.

You have to live without the constant praise of others, but with your own personal sense of self-worth. It is so important to live your life on your own terms and not give up, but it's equally important to remain humble.

I guess the thing that drives me nuts in regards to my career is when I'm not being challenged. For example, there are times when I want to play shows and no one will book me because they have their own artist playing the show. There are times when I want to put out a record and the record company says no, we have our own artists. We're about to sit down with [major label] and they say "no" as well. This is not the type of work that I want to be doing at this time in my life. I don't want to be stagnant, but I do plan on creating something new in the future.

What's your most embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment was when I was a young kid. There was a stage show that I wanted to do and it involved dancing, so my mom signed me up for dance class. At the first class we were all practicing and all of a sudden there was a phone call from some parents who had been complaining about the noise level in their house from the class. So, right in the middle of this class for my first day of dance class I had to leave and talk to them. It was really embarrassing!

I guess another one would be when I was in high school, I had a date with my girlfriend at the time. We meet at the restaurant on campus and I show up wearing an old t-shirt that says "Don't throw up on me!" from some event that we were both at a few weeks earlier… But she didn't realize that it's something we wore together. So we walk into the restaurant and the door guy looks at me, then looks back at my date and then checks his handbook to see who is allowed in that night. I'm thinking he's going to say no, but then he says, "Oh you have your ID right? You can come in." I guess I have been a little absent-minded when it comes to embarrassing moments.

What do you like most about your significant other?

What I like best about my girlfriend is how she can make me laugh pretty much any time of day. She's also a very creative person and we have similar or complementary interests in that sense… We get along really well and it's been very nice having someone that I really know so well to travel around with.

What was the last dream you remember?

I can't remember the last dream I had, but to me the most interesting type of dream I have are the ones that I experience as a child. To me they are so real that I actually believe it for a moment and when it's over and you wake up you almost want to keep sleeping because it feels better than reality.

There is a little book that explains dreams and they say that every single person in the world has every single dream in their repertoire. It's just a matter of which ones we get to experience when we sleep. I don't know if that's true or not but it sure seems like a lot of dreams make their way into people's lives at the same time.

Are you in love with your significant other?

I am very much in love with my partner. She is very special to me, and I want to work as hard as I can to make her happy. That is the most important thing to me. I don't want her to ever leave. I have a lot of relationships, but I've never felt as passionate about any of them as I do about her.

I mean, I'm not sure what it would mean for me to leave. But she's pretty special and I know she's someone that would want to continue on with me in her life if the other parts of my story were finished, and having met other people or gotten married or whatever… The idea that we could carry on with the same person but also have new love in our lives is something that is very compelling for me. I think that's a beautiful concept.

How did you meet your significant other?

So I met my significant other in school, at Emerson. We met in the fall of 2003 so she was 17 and I just turned 21. That was the first time we saw each other. We were both somewhat active on the internet so we had email back and forth for a little while prior to that time, but we never actually wrote to each other directly because she didn't know how to do it… haha.

We were both in a dorm, and I remember we would always see each other around school but never really talked. Then one day we had an assignment due together. Pretty standard "write an email to a friend" assignment… except it was just the two of us. We ended up writing all these long emails back and forth, and they gradually became more personal, more intimate…

But the thing that really was strange was that when we were in class together I would always look over at her or something like that, and even though she wasn't looking at me she looked happy. Maybe it was the way she smiled, or her eyes glistening with a sort of secret happiness… but whatever it was, I knew that she was happy. And I knew that she wasn't looking at me because she didn't want me to know, so if we were ever going to talk about this we'd have to do it out in the open. So we exchanged numbers and started talking every day after school. And things ended up going really well between us.

We would go out for lunch and talk for hours at a time… but then something got weird between us… It was like suddenly I felt like she no longer wanted anything to do with me, if even just as a friend. She didn't want to see me anymore. And unlike some of my other relationships, I really was broken up about it.

So I was trying to figure out what had happened, and I think that part of it had to do with this cult thing that we were in… There was this one woman who had joined the group and she would sit at a small table in the corner of the room all day long and never speak. Other people would go up to her desk when they wanted to leave, and then when they would put their hand on her arm she wouldn't say anything or move at all.

Then they would just leave the room and come back again two seconds later saying that she was still just sitting there unmoving. And so I did this once, and when I put my hand on her arm her head fell off and rolled on the ground. One of the other members was in class next to us and I told him what had happened, but he didn't know what to do…

He asked me if it was still sitting there in that chair. So I went back into the room and there was nothing there at all. No one knew why that woman would do this. Lots of things started making sense. Upon further reflection, I think I realized that she was a little crazy… so I told her about my interpretation and she responded by telling me to talk to my girlfriend.

So I called her up and the two of us went back to her dorm room, because now she had moved out of the dorm. We needed to speak in private about this whole thing, and I think the conversation took place in front of another girl who had been part of that group… but anyway, she told me that my girlfriend wasn't really feeling the way that we were together because she felt a lot more for someone else. And when we were together it would just be me and her. She said that she didn't want to be the one to break up a relationship.

So I asked her if she was in love with someone else, and she told me yes... And then I asked if this person had been there before, and she told me no… haha. So I went into my room after school and tried to figure this out by speaking with my girlfriend myself on the phone. But that didn't go very well either because she was talking about other things like we had never really talked at all like we did. The conversation was so upsetting that I hung up on her.

I went over to the dorm and said, "I don't think we're going to be able to work out this problem together. I'm sorry." And she was like, "Okay" and we just watched television together for the rest of the night.

What's the first song you learned on an instrument?

The first song I learned was "Let it Go," from Frozen. It was when my mom bought me that Disney CD sometime in 2004 […]. If I remember right, she did it in the car on our way to a birthday party for one of my friends. I was super excited about it and very proud because I didn't know any of the words.

We got to the party and everyone sang along with it, and I wanted to do that. So my mom tried to teach me along with everyone else… but by the time we got there I knew two or three verses of the song… but then they all sang those first few lines over again, so then I had to start over after that. But we did eventually get through it together as a family.

How many times do you think you've fallen in love?

I think it's been a few times. I can only remember two of them though… The first one was when I was 19. That was my first serious relationship, and I thought that it would last forever. Now I look back on it and realize that I didn't really understand the nature of the world at that time, or how to communicate with people. The second one was when my girlfriend and I met, because we had this connection where even though we barely knew each other we felt like we were old friends, and in a way maybe we sort of were.

And I can't really say that I'm in love right now, but I think my girlfriend is very special to me and we have a very strong… something.

How many songs on your iPod would you say you really love?

There are two… One was the soundtrack of the movie called "Memories of Matsuko," which was this Japanese movie about these different people living separate lives throughout Japan who all have this one specific photograph taken by Matsuko that brings them together. I like the music from it because each track is unique and has a deep story behind it. Most of them weren't even on the actual soundtrack of the movie, which is why they are so interesting to me. It's a very eclectic collection of music, some of it is really heavy and hard to listen to… and others are really cool. It's a good soundtrack.

What song do you think is most representative of your life?

I don't think there's one in particular… but I remember there was this big rock festival called Coachella that happened here in the United States back in the fall where I could just feel that everyone was having a great time and it seemed like everyone was just so happy to be together. And that made me feel good, and I had a good sense of being grounded on the earth for once instead of living this life that I have, which is all over the place.

What are your five favorite songs?

Well, I'll start by saying that I don't think any of these artists will be familiar to you. One of them is this band from Canada called "Hedley." It's kind of pop-ish but also kind of a little bit hip-hop, so it's not really either one or the other. The singer has a pretty unique voice. I like that song "On With Life" a lot because it's just so upbeat and positive. The other artist is Rise Against.

I like that song "Re-Education (Through Labor)" because I kind of feel like it's about me being an outcast in society, and trying to make it on my own. It's about fighting for something and struggling and refusing to give up… haha. Then the third one is this singer named "The Weeknd." He does lots of electronic music, so it's not really rock music… but his voice is really high quality and his songs are very smooth to listen to. That track "The Morning" is a pretty good one. And there's one song by the band called "Trip Like I Do" that has a slow beat to it and is very cool.
And the last one is just old…

It's from this 80s movie called "The Breakfast Club" that I saw when I was a kid. It's this song by Joan Jett. I like that movie and its soundtrack, but the song in particular is great because it has kind of a slow beat to it, too, and lots of different musicians playing on the recording while she sings.

What are five songs you would like your audience to remember?

(a) "Believe. " This is actually a song by the band called "Fall Out Boy." It's pretty old, but I classify it as my favorite song from all time. I think of this song as proof that life can really be beautiful even when the world around us is so bad. And no matter how depressing things get you can always decide to be happy no matter what. There's a lot of negativity in the world nowadays, but that doesn't mean that we have to adopt it… We just have to use our own inner strength and channel it into positive things like this song does.

(b) "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. " This is a group that I really like, particularly because they don't sound like any other one. Their music is very dynamic, so it doesn't get boring to me and it isn't monotonous at all. It's not too over the top, but it's got a great beat that just puts me in a good mood… It sounds kind of dark sometimes, though. But that can be positive too.

(c) "The Dresden Dolls" are another group I like because they have this very theatrical feel to them, a little bit dark sometimes but still very positive and hopeful at the same time. I like their song "Coin-Operated Boy" a lot, because it talks about being in a relationship with someone who doesn't really love you… and how the girl is willing to continue on with it anyway. I think that's kind of the story of my life, haha.

(d) This next one is by the artist called "The Smashing Pumpkins. " It's called "Today." When I listen to this song I can't help but feel like things are always changing and moving forward… And no matter how old you get, there will always be something new to think about or believe in. I like this song because it makes me feel young, haha.

(e) And then there's this music producer called "Porter Robinson." I like his song "Shelter" a lot. It's kind of an upbeat electronic number that I can listen to when everything is going crazy and nothing makes sense. I just kind of zone out to it and feel better. That's why I call him my savior in some ways… haha.

What's the most recent album you bought?

The most recent album that I bought was the soundtrack for "Memories of Matsuko." At first, my mom said she didn't want to buy anything more for me because she didn't trust me. But my sister really wanted to listen to it, so I persuaded my mother to get it for her. I think it was the only piece of music that I actually bought myself. Ironically, I had already listened to a lot of their stuff before… but they just put them on this soundtrack for the movie.

What's your favorite song by The Beatles?

I really like "Eleanor Ribbons." It's very different than all the other songs they wrote, and it stands out as one of those songs that you can just listen to repeatedly over and over again on an endless loop and never get bored of it. That's why I like The Beatles a lot more than most bands today.

What's your most embarrassing song on your iPod?

The most embarrassing song that I have on my iPod is one I just bought and found out about randomly… It's called "My Name Is Jonas." And that's because here in this city there are a lot of little kids who come to an elementary school near me, and they always come up to me after school.

They have no idea what the name is, so they will ask me politely to tell them my name so that they can remember it for themselves. So I'm like okay… So I tell them my name and then one day I told them that my nickname was "Jonas," and they all started asking me if it was short for Jonas Brothers. Now I'm stuck with that name because it's way too late to change it now… haha. So I look forward to more years of embarrassing myself…

Are you an artist? If so, how would you describe your style?

Well, I don't know if my style is normal or not… but it doesn't really matter because I like doing things my way. My drawings are very messy and confusing to me sometimes, but other people say they're cool. And I believe them because I have to believe them.

I'm very into music, and I like to dance at parties when I'm with my friends. I also listen to a lot of different hip-hop and electronic music. My whole sound is kind of electronic, based around a lot of rhythm in my head at the moment. And it's not so much in my songs, but they're more in my thoughts… Even though sometimes it's hard to find places where I can share what I am feeling with someone else.

What sort of stuff do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of different types of music… mainly hip-hop and electronic music… but also pop-rock bands like Fall Out Boy. But lately I've been listening to a lot of electronic music because it gives me energy and it's a very positive atmosphere to have on. And it depends on what kind of mood I'm in… Sometimes electronic music helps me figure out what to do for myself, and sometimes I can't stop thinking about how good an electronic song would sound if I were writing it.

What other interests do you have?

I love photography… but I don't think my work is very good so usually no one ever sees it except for my friends.

I also like computers… but I'm not terribly good at programming or anything like that. But I can play games and do some basic stuff like Photoshop.
I also like gaming, but not as much as I used to. I'm kind of getting older, haha. The only reason now is because my friends think it's fun, so I play a lot. But I'm not very good at playing video games by myself (laughs) because if my friends aren't around to help me beat the final boss… I don't know how to do that part by myself yet.

What are your hobbies?

I like sports… I like football and basketball, but I don't think I'm good at them. And my favorite one is soccer… I sometimes go to a local park and play with these fans that come from all over the country for a big match tournament. It's always fun to hang out with lots of people who have the same passion as you do. But it's also fun because I get to eat stuff that's probably not good for me, haha (laughs).

Are you afraid of anything?

I'm not really afraid of anything in particular… except ghosts… haha. But I don't really believe in them, so I don't go looking for them too much. It's not worth my time.

What do you like best about being an artist?

I think that it's a lot of fun because I get to do all this work that doesn't really have to do with my main job or career… but that brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel like I'm having fun at what I'm doing. If someone asks what kind of art I do, they might see it as something simple and safe… but it isn't at all. I would love to have someone come up to me and say "I really like your art form. It's so unique and very pleasing." I get a lot of that from my friends… And I don't even have any good ideas in mind sometimes because I just go with whatever comes to me. So that's sort of how it feels when I create something.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

This is actually kind of interesting… If you never had or seen ice cream before, the stuff that comes out when you stick your hand in it is a lot better than ice cream. It's like that with anything… You know how when you eat foods, there's always something that comes out along with it? It's usually very disgusting because it's not supposed to be there in the first place… But it doesn't have to be that way. I can't really explain why, but when you try it, you'll understand.

Some people go to different places around the world and eat only a particular type of food for a week or two just to compare it against the one they already knew. And I guess there are artists and musicians who do the same thing as well. They just go to different places and listen to a bunch of different songs or watch a lot of different movies or whatever. I don't know what's supposed to come out of that… but it sounds like something that would help you understand yourself better.

What's your favorite animal, real or fake?

I'm not really into animals that much… but I guess I like cats the best because they're very flexible and fun to play with. And if you have one as a pet, it can be very loving. You don't have to do much work with them, but they can still be happy all on their own, too. They also come in a lot of variation… Some cats will be more outgoing while others are more calm and quiet. Cats are just great because they're so versatile.

What's your favorite brand of clothing?

Hmmm… That's an interesting question… I guess one of my favorite brands is Diesel because a lot of my friends wear them and they always look nice all the time. They're also really comfortable, so when I'm wearing them, I don't feel like I have to take them off at any point throughout the day. And they keep me warm so that I don't have to wear something else on top either. Plus, it makes me feel like I move around better when I wear them.

What's your favorite food?

I have a lot of favorite foods… But the one that I'd definitely say is my all-time favorite dish is called "menudo." It's made by a family friend in Mexico… It's just like an American bar-b-que, but it has this hint of something different about it. It doesn't really taste that much like meat, but it has a savory flavor to it.

And sometimes there are some pretty yummy vegetables inside it too. As far as another food goes, I think my favorite would have to be pie because there are so many different kinds you can get in New York City…. But the pumpkin pumpkin pie that I had in Mexico was really good… so I might just like that one the best.

What's your favorite color?

I guess I like blue a lot. But one of my favorite shades is more of a greenish tint because it's not so bright to look at and it makes things feel cooler in the summer time when you're at work or school or whatever you do. It also gives off a calming feeling… And in some ways, that's kind of what my music is all about too – finding yourself with something cool to listen to. So in my songs, the music has a calm type of energy, and hopefully you can just relax and listen to them.

What's your greatest strength?

I think that my greatest strength is how relaxed I get when I'm at home. There are a lot of things that make me anxious, especially in school… But whenever I have downtime at home and just close my eyes, everything feels so simple and nice. My whole day seems to run by without any problems… And it's something that will never change because it's part of who I am now.

What's your favorite song by The Beatles?

This is a great question because I feel like we go back and forth between this song and "Eleanor Ribbons." But while "Eleanor Ribbons" is just a really fun, happy-go-lucky type of song… "Flying" has some sort of feeling to it that can be very dark and scary. And I really like that type of music. So one day I was listening to this song when I had to go to work in the morning, and there was this part where it suddenly dropped off into a very dark sound. And for some reason, I just felt really good about it when I heard it… and that's why I think it's my favorite song by them.

Who do you want to hear this music?

I would like to get some of my friends involved with this because they have certain ideas about the songs already. And before I play anything for them, they always ask me if that's what it's going to be like when something is finished. So I think they'd really enjoy hearing the final result, but there are also a lot of people who might not know me yet… But to them, if they could listen to all these songs… maybe one day they'll become better acquainted with me too. Maybe one day they'll even be able to read the lyrics and get some meaning from them.

What's your favorite food?

My favorite foods are sushi, bagels, and avocado. But I'm not a huge fan of all of those dishes… I just like the combination of them in one meal. It's just something that tastes great to me.

Dream dinner party invite?

I would invite my friends and family because I don't feel like the people you meet in art museums or galleries really have a lot to do with me… They're nice, but it's not the type of person I would hang out with and be friends with. But the people that I know… they're all pretty close to me because we share so many common interests and things that make us laugh.

So putting them all in one room together would just be pretty fun… And whenever they get together, I always seem to get along pretty well with them. I don't know if it's because I'm very outgoing or what, but they're all just so fun to hang out with.

You can be as detailed as you want about this… but are you happy?

I'm definitely happy… I feel like I've already been to a lot of different places in the world and have seen a lot of different things… and now I'm living on my own in New York City. So when people say that they're not happy, that means that they haven't experienced everything life has to offer them yet.

They haven't done really many different things so they're not able to connect with everything that's been put before them. But I know that I'm very happy because I'm always on the go… and in the future, I'll have a lot more opportunities to meet a lot of new people.

What's your greatest weakness?

I think my greatest weakness is that it's hard for me to make things properly and on time. When I start doing something, it always gets delayed… And there are even times when I don't finish what I'm doing at all because of how many other ideas come into my head.

That's probably why people tell me that I should stick to one type of art form because it's much easier for them to understand if they see something similar over and over again. But I think that my biggest strength is knowing that there's always something else out there… and that once you get to learn about something, you can always go back and learn about it again.

What's your favorite color?

I don't really like pink, but if I had to choose a favorite color… it would be red because when I wear it, people will say "I like how red looks on you!" And when you look at drawings or paintings with the red color in them, they just look more alive and vibrant. Red's not a simple color for most people… so it makes me happy when they say that.

Which Beatle do you like the best?

I have to go with Paul McCartney because he's just the one I like the most. But I also like Ringo Starr because he seems really friendly and also because of what happened to him after The Beatles broke up… People were always telling him that he was a bad drummer, but I think that's just something people say when they don't know any better. And I think it was because he wrote songs for The Beatles that were so meaningful and touching. So when they say that about other people, too… maybe they don't have any real talent.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I think my favorite hidden talent is probably my piano playing… A lot of people don't know this, but I'm really good at it… And I could sing as well, but everyone in school already knows that so I don't need to bother with that anymore. But being good at music has never really been important to me… And I guess the reason why is because I'm most interested in technology.

I like how technology can help you become a better person because if I wanted to, I could probably find one of the best pianists in the world and get them to teach me some of their techniques. Or I could find the best people who are into science and technology so that maybe someday I'll be able to invent my own computer program… And if people liked that program, then more things will come, too.

What's your greatest strength?

I don't know why, but in my personal opinion… I think kindness is definitely the greatest strength anyone can have. Whenever you make someone happy, they will want to do something nice for you afterwards too. And that's the kind of energy I like to bring to the people around me… Even if it doesn't mean a lot to them, I'll do whatever it takes to make them happy.

What's your favorite food?

There are a lot of foods that I like… But right now, creme brulee is definitely my favorite because there are two layers in it – a crispy top layer and a smooth bottom layer with some sort of delicious concoction inside. It's sweet, but it has a little hint of sourness to it too. So whenever you have some creme brulee, you can eat it without putting anything on top… And if you want more flavor, then you can just eat another piece.

What's your favorite instrument?

Well, I like drums a lot. And I'm beginning to learn the guitar now because I just bought one. It's really fun because there are all these different types of chords you can play… and you don't have to worry about any of the complicated parts with the guitar that all my music teachers kept telling me about… So if anyone doesn't know how to play, they can just start listening to The Beatles and they'll know what the chords are playing on each song.

Favorite book?

I like anything that's good and interesting… But right now I'm really into this one book called "The Chronicles of Narnia." It's based on a very long story, but it's about seven kids who go into an entirely different world. And when they get there, they have to fight off bad creatures who want to take over their home. It's got some very scary parts in it… But as you keep reading, the story becomes more interesting and ends in a good way. So if anyone is interested in getting into reading, I would say you should start with this one because it has the perfect balance of adventure and excitement to really suck you in.

Favorite movie?

I'm always changing my mind about this… But right now, my favorite movie would probably have to be "The Matrix." Even though it's a little cheesy in some parts, it's pretty cool. It has some very crazy fighting scenes… And each of them are very different. Sometimes two people are just punching at each other as if they were playing a game of ping-pong with their fists… And then there are these flying scenes where they're just standing up and jumping out the window or something. So the whole thing is very interesting to me, and I think I would really enjoy it a lot more if I could re-watch it over again.

What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

I'm not a big fan of all of these flavors, but I happen to like the one called "Banana Nut Bread." It just reminds me of banana bread which is always nice. And it's very sweet, so you don't even need to put any other stuff on top. So if you want some fun and exciting food… I would say get something with that type of taste in it.

What's your favorite art form?

Right now, my favorite art form is photography… It's just as simple as that. I'm not a very good artist or anything, but I just like the simple way that it turns out… And everyone has a camera so there's no one way to do photography. The fact that there are so many different types of cameras out there makes it even better… So if you've got an idea of something you want to do, then you just have to go out and find how it can be done.

What's your favorite sport?

I used to play soccer when I was a kid, but now I don't really do anything anymore. But when I was in the United States, some of the kids who I played with made this crazy sport called "soccer dodgeball. " It's something they found on the Internet and they've named it "soccer dodgeball." And when we played it in the park, we'd just run around like crazy.

We'd chase all these people who would be running around with ping-pong balls and fight over them. And sometimes I got hit by a ball too… But there were also times when I would just see someone running around with a ball, but then when they got to me they would reach out, pick up the ball, and throw it at me like I was some kind of plastic tennis ball that might fly across the room if someone moved too fast. And I would just look at them and say "Why are you doing that?" And they would look at me like I was crazy. But I had never played soccer before, so I didn't know how it was supposed to be.

What kind of music do you listen to?

What kind of music do I listen to?… Oh yeah, right… Well, The Beatles were my favorite band ever since I was a little boy when they first came out with "Please Please Me." And lately there's been this group called The Strokes that's been around for a while. Their first album had come out last year, and their second album is about to be released soon. They were a little hard to get into at first, but I think I kind of understand where they're coming from now. They're just like The Beatles – a very simple band that was able to get really popular quickly. And that's what I like about them.

What's your favorite video game?

At the moment, it would have to be "Doom." It's just one of those games that moves so fast and makes you feel so good inside… It's really fun because it feels like you never really know what's going on. You have these different weapons that can shoot out a lot of different types of things… and some of them even move by themselves.

But whenever you get hit by these weapons, you can't really tell if it's going to hurt or not. So when you first see it, you're like "Oh my god, this game is so cool!"… And then after a while, you try and shoot things with your own gun but nothing really happens. Maybe some of it feels good at first… But then later on everything starts to go wrong… and eventually you learn that there are just some things out there that are better left alone.

What's your favorite TV show?

The one that always comes to mind is "The Simpsons." Even though it goes on forever, I like how they can come up with new ideas and make so many different versions of them. And whenever someone asks me if I like watching it, I always say "no." But then when they ask me why not, I tell them the truth and say "Because they've been on forever!" But it's hard to stop watching a TV show when you're already used to seeing it. So even though I don't like it… I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to stop watching it.

What are your hobbies?

There are a lot of things I do that people probably don't know about… But the only thing that really turns me on is technology. And if anyone wants to have fun with it, then they should try and find out what kind of technology they can get their hands on. And then once they're good at that, they're probably going to think up something else pretty nice. It's just never too late to start thinking up something creative and innovative. If you're good at it, then maybe someday people will notice.

What are your dreams for the future?

I don't really know what my dreams are… But I know they definitely don't involve anything too complicated. Whenever I think about them, all I really want to do is have fun and enjoy myself. Maybe one day I'll invent some new kind of computer program… And if people like that program, then maybe they'll start asking me to make more kinds of programs. And if I get asked often enough, then I'll probably start making better programs for other people. That's pretty much all anyone can ask for in life.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I think first I want to learn how to program computers because it seems like a very simple thing to do… But if someone starts learning too late, then maybe they'll never get good at it. And then someday, those people will turn around and say "I wish I had done that when I was young." And in the future, more and more stuff is going to become technology based – even simple things like eating food and watching movies.

What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

Recently there was some kind of big accident and I got knocked out and everything. So now they have a number to call and this doctor comes to see you and everything. And this nurse sprays stuff in your nose… And it turns out the hospital came out with a new formula for turning your nose into something that looks more like a human nose. "Here, try this." So they put some stuff in there, I'm not sure what it was… But it made my nose a lot wider than it already is. This used to happen all the time, so after that I just started wearing my fake glasses all the time.

What was the last thing you ate?

It was two tacos… and a couple of those little cream puffs. So I probably ate a lot more than I normally eat… But it turned out to be a very good day. And I have something to look forward to for next time, so that's good too.

Where would you like to go on vacation?

I have this friend who says that he wants to go somewhere like Outer Mongolia or something. It's in Europe and it's cold there too, but it does have some really cool animals like reindeer and wolves out there somewhere. And since he's always talking about it, I think I'll probably talk to him again about going there.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose?

I like dogs and cats too much to pick another one… But if I had to pick one, then I might go with the cat. And since cats are all over the place, they're very easy to find… And sometimes they'll even come and visit you when your not expecting them! So if you ever get tired of having just one cat, then maybe getting two will help. And if you ever get tired of having a cat too, then maybe you can just give it away. And then soon enough you'll start getting one back again.

Who are your best friends?

I have a few, but the one that is closest to me right now is someone named Andy. Whenever I go see him, we just hang out in his room and he lets me turn on his computer and play this game called "Command and Conquer." It seems like there's always something new coming out – like some kind of patch or update… But I don't know what any of that stuff is…

So the only thing I really care about is that it sends all these tanks across the screen really fast. And when I play with Andy, he's usually there to help me out and he always says the right thing – like "Let's set up a bunch of things to kill them whenever they come." And then we strategize everything. And then I just go off and do whatever on my own… But whenever I get done with that, it'll all be over.

What is your biggest fear?

I didn't realize I had one until recently… But now when people get close to me, I start thinking about some weird stuff. Like how if someone looks at you in the eye too long, they might turn into a different person. Or how if someone grabs your hand, it might turn into a cold and dead thing… And then when you're trying to get away from it, it might chase after you. And if that thing makes its way towards you, there's not much you can do about it. You just have to deal with the fact that things like this happen once in your life.

What is love?

Love is something that makes me feel really good inside… It's something I feel when I'm with a kid or some people my age. So whenever I see someone who I think is cute or something like that, I think "Oh, they must be in love!" And then later on if that person is gone or something… I'll just feel sad and lonely.

If you could go back to when you were young, what would you tell yourself?

I might tell myself "Don't be so serious all the time." When you're too serious about things it's almost like there's no point in doing anything. And whenever people are like this they get really tired and bored. So sometimes it helps to have fun for a change – even if it's only for a few minutes… That way when you really need to be serious, it makes more sense.

What do you believe in?

I'm not sure if I really believe in anything… But one thing I do know is that "Tomorrow will be a better day." So when I wake up in the morning, maybe I'll figure out what it is that I need to do. And then no matter what happens after that point, it's something that can't be changed. And then if I'm feeling bored or something later on, maybe I'll think about why things had to turn out like they did.

What was your favorite subject in school?

In school there were a lot of subjects that were kind of hard – like history or geography. But I didn't mind them because there was always something that was interesting to do. And if you spend a lot of time on something, then it's just as good as if you spent hours on it. So what was my favorite subject?… Mostly history – but that might just be because I like the subject so much. But even though history is something that can get really boring at times, it's still fun and exciting at the same time.

What kind of music do you like?

I don't really have a favorite genre of music – but the one thing I like to listen to most is The Strokes. They're a really cool band. And whenever you see them perform, maybe you'll figure out what they're trying to say… But the thing you have to understand is that they never say anything specific. So in a way it makes them look like they're saying nothing at all… But I'm sure that's kind of their whole thing. If anyone really did want to listen to them, I think they'd understand what they were saying. But if you just stayed neutral the whole time, then maybe you'd never understand… And that's probably why so many people are indifferent about them.

What is your favorite holiday?

I really like Christmas. It's the only time of year when it feels like everyone is really excited and happy about something. And even though I'm not much of a Christian or anything, I still like that everyone gets together on Christmas and has a good time. So I always like to have some friends over for Christmas. And that's one of the things I like about people my own age – that it's not just about all of us hanging out, but about enjoying all of someone else's company as well.

What is your favorite song?

Maybe it's this song – but I've only heard it once. So I don't really know what to say about it. But I like that people listen to the lyrics and try to figure out what you're saying. And if you have a good enough idea of what they're trying to say, then they might be able to look into why you wrote the song in the first place.

That's when you know you're aiming for something really important. And it doesn't have to be all about the music or the lyrics. Everything can just be a symbol or a piece of art. And if someone figures out what you're trying to say, then they might relate to it too… Even though they still wouldn't fully understand what it feels like.

What is your passion?

I'm not really sure if I have a passion… But there are definitely things that interest me. Like anything that has to do with technology or computers… Or anything where you can get away from things like this and just have some fun. One time, I was hanging out with this pretty cool looking girl… And she asked me what I liked to do for fun and everything. So for some reason, all I could think about was programming. And so I told her that, and she started laughing at me! It was kind of a sad scene but it didn't matter because she was kind of cute anyway.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

I really like the clothes that I have. I've been wearing the same stuff for a while now… And sometimes it's kind of embarrassing when you wear something new and everyone else has seen it before. But since they've already been around, you can't exactly get rid of them anymore… So I might have to just be comfortable with wearing the same things over and over again. And every once in a while, I'll change it up a little bit and everyone will see something new.

What is a good lesson you learned from your parents?

They're always saying things like "Don't be so naughty" or "Do this or do that. – It's always something that makes you disappointed. But at the same time, it's something that gives you hope to have better parents one day… And then when your not paying attention, they'll say "Let's go on a trip" or "Let's play a game." and things will be back to normal.

What is your biggest regret?

When I was in elementary school… I almost made friends with everyone – but then I ended up just playing by myself for a while. So whenever they'd ask me to come over, I'd think about it… But then just give up because I had other things to do. So after a while, maybe people started avoiding me because of that. And that might be why I don't have more friends right now. Now whenever I see them around the neighborhood, I don't know what to do – because they're not really my friends anymore… But at the same time, I feel a little lonely whenever they aren't around.

What are you good at?

I'm not sure if this counts, but whenever someone thinks of something, then maybe it makes its way to me… Even if it's just for a second or two. And since most people are busy thinking about other things all the time and never notice what's around them anyway… They probably never realize that there is nothing different about anyone else and that everything is just a product of chance. So that's just one good thing I can do.

What is your dream job?

If I don't have enough money to live on, then maybe I'll just work at McDonald's for my whole life. And that way I'd probably end up with enough money to live on… And then even if I don't like what they're doing, maybe it'd be good enough for me to know what it's like – and then maybe one day, when things slow down a little, I'd eventually open up a place of my own and learn something about restaurant management.

When you feel like crying, why don't you?

It's just that when I cry… It always feels like it's going to last forever. And even if it doesn't, it hurts to cry because your nose gets stuffy and you get all dizzy. And then once you're done crying, it feels like everything is ruined and that nothing will ever be right again… So in the end, I'd probably just rather not do anything at all and stop feeling so sad about everything.

What was something hard for you when you were little?

Back then whenever I used to play with my friends – we'd all try to have fun together. But whenever something interesting would happen, they'd all stop talking to me and ignore me. And I didn't understand why – because they were all my friends too! But then when you get older you start to figure out how things really work. So maybe it's better not to have fun at all sometimes in order to avoid the worst possible scenario.

What was your first hope or dream as a child?

There were a lot of things I'd want to do when I grew up… But before that point, I'd still like there to be some fun and some hope for me. So maybe someday, I'd like there to be some fun and a good place where I could play with my friends. Or maybe I'd like to just have fun by myself… But that still wouldn't be a problem to me.

What is your biggest regret?

Every once in a while, you'll come around to realizing that you've been thinking about it wrong this whole time. And even if it's hard to admit… You realize that things don't really make sense. So whenever I'm walking around or something, I often wonder what it's like where everyone else is coming from – and how they're getting by in their own lives. So maybe, just maybe… They feel the same way too! But for some reason, we all just hesitate a little bit and we never say anything about it.